Best Hurricane Up to Date Tracker

Your Hurricane Survival List (we've rearranged this list in Priority order)
Life Preservers
Inflatable Raft, with Paddles
  Rising water is where most fatalities occur
Tent (No Kidding) You may be camping ask the People of Homestead, Punta Gorda, Florida, New Orleans Mississippi Gulf Coast and the New Jersey, New York areas experienced
   Survival after and during the storm
Emergency cooking supplies, sterno
Tarps or heavy plastic sheathing to Cover Openings in home
Camping gear, Mosquito net
Sleeping Bags, Pillows, Blankets
Propane Lantern and Stove
Small Shovel and Toilet Paper
Weather Radio and or DC-AC TV
Take-Pictures-Video Personal Possessions (before storm) See before Storm list Below
Disposable Camera (after math Insurance Pictures)
Bottled water (distilled Only)
Water Filters (Brita type)
Water containers, Drinking and Washing (clean 5 gallon buckets with lids)
Portable solar shower
DC-AC converter Inverter from car Lighter
Portable radio (weather alert radio)
Rabbit Ears for Radio or TV (there won't be Cable)
Satellite Dish and wires
First aid supplies
Bleach (without additives)
Soap and Detergent
Scrub brushes
Barrel washer
Hydrogen Peroxide
Prescription medicine
Baby supplies
Paper towels
Extra clothes
Manual Can Opener
Canned foods
Dried fruit
Peanut butter and jelly
Individually packaged drinks
Soy Almond Oat Milk (Last one year without Refrigeration)
Energy Bars
Pet food
Portable cooler
Rope (clothes line)
Candles and lighters
Flashlights, fresh batteries
Trash bags
Zip Lock Bags Protect Important Papers
Fuel and fuel can (for Generator)
Solar Collectors (Electric voltaic, hot water)
Solar battery chargers
Tool Kit
Hammer and nails
Masking, electrical and duct tape
Plywood or Extra storm shutters
Insect Repellant
Waterproof Matches
Cellular Phone and Extra Batteries, car & solar charger
Books, Toys, Games
Cash (ATM's may be out)
Paper or Plastic Plates
Plastic Utensils
Cooking grill and extra fuel, charcoal etc. Charcoal starter fluid
Matches or better yet lighters do not get wet.
Before the Storm List
Back up Computers
Collect Scan and safely file Insurance papers
Take pictures of valuable items in and around the home
Get your prescriptions filled
Swimming Pool 1. disconnect electric 2. cover for debris 3.add chlorine/chemicals
Clean all Laundry and store in water tight Bags.
Get a list of important Phone numbers
Turn Refrigerators and Freezers to lowest temperatures and insulate with Blankets, etc.
Keep extra ice in Freezer (block ice lasts longest)
Clean and Fill water jugs
Fill gas containers
buy a siphon
Battery operated fans
Weapons to protect yourself from looters. (do not use weapons unless your life is at risk)
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