Garage Doors 

We offer DAB MASTER HURRICANE GARAGE DOORS, an innovative garage door system engineered for the purpose of minimizing damage to property from the effects of extreme windstorms and flying debris,
which provide an unmatched structural reinforcement system including:
Inter-Force Structural Reinforcement System… is a unique built-in structural stiffening system embedded into each door section to transform the door into a monolithic wind-barrier.
Impact Resistant Steel Skin… heavy-gauge steel sheathing resistant to flying debris during hurricane strength winds.
Interlocking Tongue & Groove System… rolled-form joints between door sections improve the door’s overall resistance to structural breach and impact from flying debris.
Reinforced Track System… maintains the door’s integrity under extreme wind conditions with heavy-gauge steel tracks supported with numerous anchoring brackets.
Anti-Distortion End-Stile System… rugged heavy-gauge end-stiles provide structural rigidity to resist twisting and warping during hurricane-strength winds

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